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Maytech 60

Maytech 60
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Esc 60 Amp dalle ottime prestazioni, costruito con materiali di prima qualità . Il prodotto è stato adottato da alcuni marchi importanti con il proprio marchio. Regolatore 2/6 lipo . Bec 5,5 volts/4 Amp (Switching Bec ) Dimensioni 52x23x15 - 46 gr. Burst 85 Amp Max 10"


Scheda Tecnica

Support High RPM motors.

Circle menu setting is simple.

Power arming protection:

Prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON

Lost Throttle signal protection:

The ESC will automatically reduces output power to the motor when it detects a lost of throttle signal for 1 second. A subsequent loss of throttle signal beyond 3 seconds will cause the ESC automatically to cut power to the motor.

Safety thermal over-load protection:

Automatically reduce output power to half when the temperature reaches 110, restore output power when the temperature is below 110.

Can continuously provide power to the motor.

Acceleration: Provides quick acceleration start ups with a linear throttle response.

Governor Mode: For Helicopter application

With latest humanize software design, especially for all types of brushless motor.


Brake Setting: on/off

Note:Factory default setting: off.

Battery type: LiPo /NiMh/NiCad

Note: Factory default setting: 3 Li- Poly

Under voltage protection (Low voltage cutoff type):

Reduce power:

Reduce motor speed to half throttle

Cut off: Stop motor immediately

Ignore: Motor won't stop until battery totally gone)

Note: Factory default setting: Reduce power

Soft start (Acceleration): very soft/ soft/ start acceleration

Note. Factory default setting: Soft start: Enable


Automatic: (7-30 degree)

Soft: (7 -22 degree)

Hard :( 22-30 degree)

Note. Factory default setting: Automatic

Frequency: 8 KHz/ 16 KHz, Factory default setting: 8 KHz

Heli Governor Mode: Factory default setting: rpm control off


The MAYTECH ESC's high power BEC has been specifically designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher momentary peak demand loads to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns, and is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters.